Wednesday, June 3, 2015

the forsyte saga

I saw the forsyte saga remake starring damian lewis a couple of years ago & hated it(the character of Irene makes me stabby) but decided to go old school & watch the 1967(1969?) version because my new bf looks like Michael York(don't ask. lol). unfortunately Michael is only onscreen for 15 minutes & the 60s version is 24+ hours long. I have no idea why I am punishing myself like this :-(

The Forsyte Saga - The Complete Series is interesting because it seems like one of those 1950s live tv shows.the costumes are shabby, the walls shake when the doors are closed, & the hair/makeup is VERY 1960s. there are weird background noises, 3d painted sets, plus in 1 scene a woman takes off her shirt to reveal a pushup padded bra(the series is set in the late 1800s). it could be campy fun if the actual story were not so boring. even though soames/fleur are obviously supposed to be the villains, i can relate more to their selfishness/obsessions & less to irenes self imposed martyrdom.
anyhoo, its streaming here if you'd like to waste 25 hours of your life

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