Friday, January 15, 2021

blind items: the "dom" & the housewife


every day this just keeps getting messier & first, i was entertained but now i'm worried. this old money actor loves to beat & abuse young women but goes to this older pretty blonde housewife when he wants to submit. she is a dominatrix at sex parties in the most hidden of hills when not filming her reality tv show.

i feel like his pr team is going to take over, the "i''m sorry" lies will begin, he will go to a rehab for a month,& then quietly abuse/rape/torture sex workers afterwards. he might have a house in virginia but his career will be back to normal by autumn.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

blind gossip: the shock jock who is hiding in the closet


i always thought it was weird when that radio shock jock married the ugly "blonde supermodel". turns out he basically picked her out of an escort catalogue to be his beard. he's been in love with & in a serious relationship with his look alike hairstylist this entire time.
another shocker is that old black television host who is now coming back into the spotlight. he ended up secretly marrying his boyfriend & is now urging his tranny loving co star to come out as well. next summer should be pretty interesting

Friday, December 18, 2020

ma rainey's black bottom

ma rainey's black bottom has a lot to unpack & i didnt like most of it but i do think they made a lot of good points. a lot of it will go over most white peoples heads, though(especially about the lack of basic respect/racism & the constant stealing from black people. yes all of that is still being done in 2020). i feel like i have to watch it again to really understand what was going on. viola davis is so talented but whoever had the idea to slather her in baby oil shouldve been fired. i guess i'm most disappointed because i thought it would be more like bessie

i can always tell a play that has been made into a movie & i'm guessing that is most of the problem. it just pisses me off because the monologues are SOOOOOO long & you are stuck in that one room for most of the film. i'm not making too much sense but since this is my blog i guess i dont have too..........

pee wee's playhouse christmas special

i LOVED pee wee as a child & its incredible how many gay/kitsch elements he had in the show. was pee wee herman the reason why i turned into a female female impersonator? :-)

pee wee's playhouse christmas special stars grace jones, annette funicello, frankie avalon, oprah, zsa zsa gabor, cher, little richard, charro,whoopi goldberg, etc. watching all the shows again really reminds me of how slept on/underrated paul reubens is. the christmas special is SO funny & its a shame he only did one.

Friday, December 11, 2020



i had a lot planned for this year that never happened & it seems like 2021 wont be any different. the hoi polloi thinks they can throw away their masks as soon as january 1st because their daddy trump is going to save them. lmfao

absolutely nothing will change next year. trump bought enough vaccine for 50 million people. there are at least 320 million people living in the USA. the company says they cannot make more until at least june 2021. do the math.

its been interesting to see how y'all have become more like your Neanderthal ancestors over the past 9 months. ive never seen so much crime or people being run over by cars in my entire life(all from my bedroom window).

since most americans are too stupid/lazy/selfish to wash their hands or wear a mask, dont think a miracle will happen any time soon. its incredible that the fall of the american empire happened because people were too stupid to wear a mask but here we are. the lockdown was the easy part. 2021 is going to be even worse, get ready

eta: hmmmmm 

eta2: Despite Trump administration promise, government has no more 'reserve' 2nd vaccine doses

Thursday, November 26, 2020


chickens is a british tv show about 3 men who stayed at home instead of going to fight world war 1. i usually dont watch shows over & over but decided to watch this one again because it was so cute & funny. jonny sweet is SO talented & its a shame he isnt doing more(he was completely wasted on that stupid show "loaded").

Friday, October 23, 2020

the witches 1990 vs 2020

 i LOVE roald dahl & jim henson but for whatever reason ive never seen this movie. anjelica huston is such a bad betch plus bubble plays her homegirl so i'm confused why the witches isnt considered classic camp. the only negative i'm seeing is the lead boy is so untalented & cringeworthy. i can see why his career was so short. i'm sorry but the grand high witch was goals until the end. anjelica left some huge shoes to fill & although i like anne with an e, idk if she can pull this off. still confused why people make such a big deal out of hocus pocus but not this movie but ok...................

i like how they set this new one in 1967,the fashions are going to be spectacular. on imdb, lots of white people are complaining that the child is black(because of course they are). chris rocks intro was pretty funny but the cgi looks cheap. anne with an e has a very bad accent. she isnt scary or sexy, just annoying. this one was closer to the book so that was a plus but anne hathaway really is terrible. replace her with anjelica huston & this wouldve been a great movie.

Friday, October 2, 2020

what is the game plan amerikka?


what is the point of marching for black lives matter when you still uphold white supremacy? what is the point of  denouncing trump & voting for biden if you're still racist? what is the point of dating a black person if you are still afraid of living next to a black person? just because you had 1 black friend in elementary school, it doesnt make you not a racist. i'm just not understanding what the point of all this acting is. amerikka is a racist country & the majority of its people are racist (despite whatever lie you may tell yourself to sleep better at night). why not just live in your truth & say how you really feel?

i dont know what is going on now. the majority of people i see looting & rioting "for black lives matter" are white & its weird to me how the media is trying to frame this as black people being violent criminals. i KNOW y'all dont care about us, its been proven over & over for the last 400 + years. all this rioting & looting has more to do with boredom & neanderthal genes & less about what is best for black people. i had something profound to say but i'm tired & y'all dont hear me so.................

Thursday, October 1, 2020

my newest guilty pleasure: a series of unfortunate events

even as a child, i HATED childrens books/movies/tv shows, so its rare if i watch anything for kids(i even skipped rupaul's "AJ and the Queen" because it starred a child). i ended up watching lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events because:

1 jim carrey
2 we are still in coronavirus lockdown.

there is this one joke where the baby babbles & jim says something like "i'm sorry,i dont speak monkey" or some such nonsense. for months now, i think of it & laugh like a crazy person.its a very funny & cute goth childrens movie.i highly recommend it plus the tv show "a series of unfortunate events" starring doogie howser. the tv show is pretty slow until they introduce esme squalor & carmelita spats. jim was a better count olaf but the kids in the tv show are a billion times better than the movie ones. plus tv klaus baudelaire is on "the great"(his sex scene had me shook until i googled he's an adult who only looks 12).

Saturday, September 5, 2020

mulan 1998 vs 2020 review

 i'm pretty sure i've never seen mulan.i hated childrens movies even as a child & i dont really fw disney. the grandma is the coolest character & mushu is annoying. i wonder if they asked eddie murphy to act like a stereotype or was that his idea? its a very cute story with a great theme but i wish there was more scenes of the women being treated less than before she became a soldier. idk how i feel about all the drag queens in this movie. was disney trying to tell us something?

in the new one, mulan has a sister instead of a talking dragon & a jewish grandma. her dads wig is john travolta level bad. it looks like its going to slide off if he moves too fast. i'm glad my girl li gong is playing a bad betch instead of the mom. this new mulan isnt super pretty but also doesnt look like a man. 

most of the men are wearing those horrible wigs.i know disney couldve afforded something better than that. plus the love interest isnt even attractive. who was asking for this? they spent a lot of time & effort & this remake isnt a better movie.if anything, its worse because its boring & there are no songs. disney has a LOT of nerve charging $30 for this mess.