Friday, September 14, 2018

Crimson Petal and the White

Crimson Petal and the White is a book about an 1870s prostitute named Sugar. i'm on the 3rd episode of 4. romola garai is SOOOOO untalented & hard to look won all sorts of awards for the makeup but i dont understand,its very badly applied(i get shes supposed to be sickly & pale from working at night but she looks lie a corpse).

they cast a lot of male comedians(mark gatiss & chris o'dowd) but it doesnt make sense because its not a comedy.the men are disappointing but shirley henderson is very talented. amanda hale plays a crazy woman(as usual) & steals every scene she is in. the plot is sort of weird because you have to guess what romolas motivation is because she cannot act.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

gangs of new york

i havent watched gangs of new york since it came out.i remember being in the theater & blown away by daniel day lewis & confused why they cast the obviously too modern cameron diaz.i still have a collection of herbert asburys books hidden in a box somewhere,i highly recommend them if you like gossipy messy history.

that being said,the movie didnt hold up very felt like it was 6 hours long & it really shouldve been 2 separate movies.the "irish" accents were all over the place & cameron always seems so late 1990s to me. leonardo dicaprios weave irked me & was pretty distracting(plus i dgaf about his motivations, his accent was terrible, & his acting wasnt that good).its hard to outshine ddl so i didnt expect much from the rest of the cast.

history always repeats itself & this movie is a very good example of that. ddl & the "native americans" aka white people are upset because the immigrants are taking over.the unwashed masses start rioting because of the draft & instead of going after the rich who buy their way out of the war(there is one scene where Scorsese plays the 1% but i'm pretty sure the majority of those killed were poor), they take their flat funky asses over to the black orphans home to burn that down. their riot against the draft/immigration consists of them killing american born black people because you know how much power black people have over everything(& especially then when most were still slaves). sound familiar?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Lindsay Lohan is still trash

its pretty obvious Lindsay Lohan was abused as a child & her parents dgaf about her well being.for someone who was so rich & famous she had a rough life but that is no excuse. if she were black she wouldve been cancelled the 1st time she was caught with drugs but since she is white she will continue to fail upwards & get MANY opportunities to work in the entertainment industry(even though she was never talented & looks 20 years older than her real age).

to promote her new reality show, she decided to insult victims of abuse(as if she wasnt one herself).

hohan on abuse & sexual harassment: "You make it a real thing by making it a police report. I’m going to really hate myself for saying this, but I think by women speaking against these things, it makes them look weak" thats bizarre. pretty sure she never contacted the cops after she said her last fiance Egor beat her.

"You have these girls who come out, who don’t even know who they are, who do it for the attention". hmmmmmmmmmm, sounds familiar

“I had a fight with my ex on this very beach. What did I do? Nothing”.i guess she just called herself an attention seeking weakling

Thursday, July 12, 2018

the scandal siblings

this heaux scandal with the siblings is about to get REAL thought it was just a title but it was a way of life for those girls. pre "fame" they were hookers & ended up stabbing a single father before stealing $15,000 from him(to pay for all that plastic surgery).they even thought it was a good idea to hold his child for hostage to get even more money out of him.

Monday, July 2, 2018

the singer & the comedian

that singer with the same tired hairstyle is marrying the unattractive comedian because they both loves drugs,not each other. she dabbled in cocaine before they met & he introduced her to his fave meth.this should get interesting pretty soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

the italian guy

i find history to be fascinating & the fact that it repeats(& most people are too stupid to see it) is the most fascinating part of it.

the hoi polloi vote for a funny looking moron who says he will save white people while getting rid of the rest. the internment camps that used to house our asian neighbors are now filled with mexican children.

i was talking to this young guy about his father. he said in the 1970s white people were still calling his obviously white italian father a n!gger. the son was SO upset about it but it seemed like the problem was less with the disrespect but more that his dad was treated like a black person. now that i'm thinking about it, i've never heard of a black/italian alliance even though we were all discriminated against(& called the same slurs). once italians became white i guess they "forgot". latinx will be white in the next decade but who will be let into the fold after them?

i see some poc are happy that white people will soon be the minority in america but i dont see that as a happy ending.unfortunately it is the beginning of the end of the american empire(not to say that white people are superior or that we need them to succeed). america has turned into a sh!thole country as your president says. the jobs pay nothing, the rent is sky high, & hoovervilles (trumpvilles?) are on every block here in hollywood. the powers that be imported people from 3rd world countries to make ours a 3rd world country.the ruling families will have spanish sounding names but the discrimination & racism will be the same.there is no poc alliance & i am not hopeful that trading one "master race" in charge for another will be an makes me sad for what could have been, the utopia we could have made together. did hope & progress die with kennedy or lincoln?

Thursday, May 31, 2018


i was at another premiere & i overheard some industry guys talking about blumhouse & how horrible their movies are(i wont go into details but they were savage). last night i got to experience my first blumhouse film called "upgrade".

i HATE action movies but i love betty gabriel(who is a gorgeous girl irl but is always "uglied" up by the hair/makeup people on set for some reason) & logan marshall green is a stone cold fox.i ended up sitting in front of logan but i knew if i turned around & saw those lips there was no way i'd want to watch the movie instead so i never saw him. :-(

it pains me to say this because i want to enjoy many years of logan marshall green nude scenes & closeups of that pout but homeboy cannot act & has no charisma.he mumbles & covers up that pretty face with a gross beard all the time. harrison gilbertson plays an elon musk ripoff(was he supposed to be creepy? with all the mumbling i didnt know what his characters name was so i had to google-fu, turns out its "eron"). benedict hardie had a small role & ended up stealing the entire movie.

its set in the future(?) but everybody is dressed like its 2010.weird choice to make.even the sets arent that futuristic so its bizarre.the tone was the most many dumb jokes like they were aiming to 12 year old boys who never saw the shouldve been much darker, angrier, less "funny".the screening started at 7pm & i was yawning throughout(i usually go to sleep at 1am). i cant recommend this movie even though hardie was great. issa mess but i'm sure it will be a blockbuster because idiocracy was a documentary

Saturday, May 26, 2018

the wake up call

today was a weird one.i go to an event & there is this black woman standing alone being ignored.i walk over & we start to talk.she says she is trying very hard to fit in so that the white people will know she belongs.she seems embarrassed to be seen with me.i tell her it doesnt matter what she does, it is like that "what do you call a black doctor" joke & they will always see her as a n!gger. mlk didnt change that, obama didnt change that, & saint beyonce didnt change that.

she says racism only affects black people who act like stereotypes(let that sink in) & somehow her $10 dress, kim kardashian valley girl accent, & knock off shoes were going to prevent it.when i was younger i was just as ignorant.

she said that it was my negative attitude that made people call me a n!gger.i didnt tell her my stories because she wouldnt understand.

the time when i called about a job in hollywood & was told he didnt hire n!ggers
or the time when the woman said she didnt rent to "you people"
or the time a security guard assaulted me,called me a n!gger, & kept his job
or the time when i was told my natural hair was gross so i didnt get the acting job
or the time when i was just standing on the corner & some man yelled out n!gger to me
or the teenager who yells n!gger into my window every time she passes
or the time when the police handcuffed me & knocked me down because i was walking in a non black neighborhood in the afternoon

she kept going on & on about how my negative attitude was the reason why racist things happened to me & how i needed to change my mind.i said others needed to stop being racist & i know my worth so there was nothing that needed to be changed.

like i said,i used to be that ignorant.i assumed since i was hard working, beautiful, & smart that people would see me as an individual.i love heavy metal,speak japanese badly, hang out with the aristocracy, have a good job, & no "baby daddies".i hate watermelon, am an atheist, have traveled all around the world, ALWAYS has a book in my purse,bought a guitar, & play the flute. i didnt fall into the usual traps,didnt let god or men distract me. but like my neighbor(the 5'3 mexican man covered in prison tattoos with 5 kids all living in a 1 bedroom apartment) said, i am the stereotype.all people will ever see is black skin & never just Dallas the amount of me pretending everything is ok is going to change that.

she asked me why i looked so sad.i was sad because she really believed that her light skin & "good hair" was going to shield her from white supremacy.i was sad because she probably had a white mom who lied & said she was better than normal black people.i was sad because she would waste most of her life trying to be a model minority for people who hated her.they wouldnt see that light skin or "good hair", they'd just see a n!gger. just like moi

the n!gger wake up call can be harsh & i'm glad i got mine while alone.i hope hers is the same.

Monday, May 14, 2018

that time dallas almost had sex with an incel

so i meet this guy & he is GORGEOUS,one of the most attractive men i've ever seen in my life, could easily be a male first thought after seeing him was "i hope i dont mess this up before we have sex".


we talk & i'm trying to get to know him.the first thing out of his mouth:
"i'm a virgin"
me: "are you kidding?"
incel:"no. will you have sex with me?"
me: :-(

i tried to explain to him how sex was not the most important thing in the world,how only talking/thinking about sex would turn off the majority of women(who did not want to be treated like objects).i suggested he go to a prostitute since it was obvious he wasnt looking for companionship or love & just trying to "get rid" of his virginity.he was upset. how dare i use logic & reasoning instead of just allowing this complete stranger to pump & dump! i asked him what his therapist thought & he basically just repeated the advice i'd told him.he said he'd been going to therapy for years but it wasnt helping.of course he blocked me soon after. i wouldnt be surprised to hear he'd shot up a church or kidnapped a woman.

i'm sure he blames his virginity on others

Monday, April 30, 2018

transgender "artists" made weapons to kill feminists

now i'm pretty tired & about to watch the latest episode of plebs but riddle me this: why do transwomen hate women more than they do the men who rape/kill them? images: source

no matter how many layers of makeup are used, i can still see the testosterone. funny how that works.hating what you are so desperate to would be funny if it were not so sad. how does killing women get rights for transpeople? are women in charge now? why is wanting female only spaces for people with vaginas such a bad thing? the entitlement is so incredible.

this is what we are dealing with.a man wearing a shirt saying he wants to punch women. this "art"(which was paid for & posted by the public library) was made by a group of men who are upset that lesbians refuse to have sex with them. really. i wish i were joking. since this hatred is only focused towards women it will not be taken seriously. tptb will say "boys will be boys" & it will be swept under the rug until it affects straight white men.ok,i am officially done for today,time to watch mr ryan sampson