Wednesday, July 13, 2022

reddit is racist like the rest of the world


i'm minding my own business as per usual & i see this comment

Ewwww you're black lmao. These 

bums already have more worth

 than you

ok. i report it & get this message a couple of minutes later

"Thanks for submitting a report to the Reddit admin team. After investigating, we’ve found that the reported content doesn’t violate Reddit’s Content Policy."

now if i had said people with penises dont need to be in female only spaces or women have periods, i wouldve been banned but its perfectly ok to say bums have more worth than black people. i'm not surprised, its just weird how EVERYBODY is ok with being as racist/sexist as possible & we just have to pretend its normal.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

white people love dogs more than they love black people


we know

you dont have to keep saying it in various ways

we get it

you can stop now

some idiot decided that he was going to post something i said on twitter to reddit because how dare i point out that loving dogs is not a sign that someone is good! we all know how hitler loved HIS dogs. was hitler a good man? one to praise? is hitler better than me? better than black people? lmfao

racists calling me shaniqua & talking about how "you people" do this & "you people" do that but are somehow good(& the racism is cancelled) because they like dogs? can someone please explain to me how this works because i really do not understand. y'all cry hot salty tears for dogs but laugh when black people are hurt. is that christlike? 

people who didnt understand the joke 800 years ago trying to drag me for being black & alive is so weird. please get a life & read a book. the sun is killing y'all. covid(aka not washing your hands or having basic hygiene) is killing y'all. the earth is trying to kill y'all. your birth rates go down every day, your fertility is trash. worry about that not what i'm typing on twitter. lol

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

house of gucci

i wasnt going to review house of gucci but i keep laughing & i know this isnt a comedy. i am not even going to comment on her terrible accent & the fact that lady gagas face is so full of fillers that it looks like a halloween mask. how did no one notice this???? why did no one tell her to stop????? her face looks like it hurts!

this "romance" is so awkward. in what world does gaga look like liz taylor? he must be high AND blind. she wrote on his windshield with lipstick, then put the lipstick on her mouth & i damn near vomited. this movie is nsfl & it hasnt even been 15 minutes. its like all the actors are in a different movie. i really hope people werent serious about gaga winning an oscar for this.

im confused why they cast people who obviously cant do an italian accent instead of just letting them use their own accents. were they trying to do camp on purpose? adam driver looks like a snack in 1970s clothes,he should keep this style. the office sex scene is worse than the pool one in showgirls. why are amateurs being paid millions when they cant do the job? i havent seen a star is born(there is only one & it stars fredric march) but did lady gaga really not take acting lessons after fvcking up american horror story? i could understand if she was attractive(or relevant) but this has got to stop.

of course,they HAD to make jared leto, bald/old/ugly/fat instead of just hiring a bald/old/ugly/fat actor because absolutely nothing makes sense in this movie. i dont appreciate how they are treating my mans paolo. he has the best male costumes. the fake karl lagerfeld had choupette 30+ years before she was born. did i miss the scene where karl goes back in time? also pretty sure he had dark hair in 1983 but wgaf about accuracy or the truth? 

ridley scott also directed "the last duel" which came out around the same time as this & i wonder "for why?" neither film was very good & this will probably be the last movie he directs. why waste ruining your legacy on this?

Thursday, January 27, 2022

martha inc & martha behind bars movie review

 i never saw martha inc at the time it came out. i was pretty busy those years (& found martha stewart to be boring) so it wasnt a priority. i LOVE cybill shepards blank shark eyes & flat accent(does martha really sound like that? i will never know).i wouldnt mind if cybill made a new martha movie every couple of years. i get that tptb were trying to make martha into some kind of villain but all im seeing is an ambitious bad betch. martha behind bars isnt as good as the 1st, its basically a rehash of her trial & her 5 months of prison. like "orange is the new black" she was also in jail with a nun. i cant with martha smuggling in spices & making "illegal" desserts. i think they shouldve spent less time on the trial & more time with her in prison.

Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Very English Scandal

 so i see the 2nd installment "A Very British Scandal" has come out. i am sick & my doctor said i cannot go out tonight so i will be reviewing this show (YOU ARE WELCOME!, lol). i was so excited to see the first "A Very English Scandal" until i found out ben whishaw was in it. he is so incredibly unattractive to me, its hard to look at his face. i get irl both of these dudes were fug but if you are going to risk it all (in a tv show/movie), the younger guy had better be a hottie (another reason why i love "wilde").

not hugh grant showing up to his bedroom with lube to wear that bussy out & ben crying. i cannot! i hope that didnt happen in reality. i guess this is supposed to be romantic but norman josiffe/ben was homeless & just got out of a psychiatric hospital. taking advantage of the mentally ill isnt sweet or sexy. i dont like this tone.....

not jeremy thorpe/hugh cheating on him with actual non ugly guys. the bloom wore off the bussy & now hugh has moved on. "you have infected me with the virus of homosexuality!" jesus. i dont know if i can watch 3 hours of this. typical man that he would go through all that drama instead of just doing what he promised aka getting norman a national insurance card.

{not even through with the 1st episode & i take a 4 hour break}

i would rather watch a 3 hour show about boofy gore & his badgers.

{i finish the 1st hour then go to sleep}

ive watched A LOT of these vintage english scandal shows & these "scandals" arent very interesting (even when looked through older values/morals). ohhh she had sex with a lot of men, ohhh he was gay, ohhh she had sex with black guys! who gaf? although hugh grant is looking like a weathered snack, i am regretting ever starting to watch this. 

i really dont appreciate gay men(who know they are gay & are in the closet) who insist on getting married & having children with women. if the stuff in this show is true then these men really deserved whatever negativity that came from that. both of these men ruined so many womens lives. its insane.

i didnt think it was going to take me more than a night to finish this :-(

{after trying to watch it the entire day,i finally finish the 2nd hour then go to sleep}

all the interesting stuff  FINALLY starts happening in the 3rd hour. i cant recommend this, it needs to be edited down & the tone needs to be more serious. being queer shouldnt still be a punchline at this point

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Nightmare Alley 1947 vs 2021

  tyrone power is so fine. there is no way bradley cooper can be sexy like this. tyrone has these women in a tizzy!  Nightmare Alley is boring & dumb & i dont understand why bruno would give away his "love". i am only still watching because tyrone power is so attractive. it gets a little better halfway through but so much of the cool creepy circus vibe was wasted. i'm mad the best part started in the last 30 minutes. Helen Walker ended up stealing this movie. its a shame her career went nowhere. the ending was trash, hopefully the remake will be better though i doubt it with fug bradley & boring rooney mara.

cate blanchett has helen walkers role & that is the only thing i am excited about. bradley cooper looks like a ostrich & the thought of him seducing somebody makes my stomach queasy. 

not toni collette lying & saying bradley is "easy on the eyes". you can tell shes a good actress because she didnt even laugh after. im going to be REAL upset if there are any sex scenes in this movie,i just ate! 

this is just dragging along. they added a lot of sex & violence but this isnt a better movie than the original Nightmare Alley. the costumes arent even better. everybody goes on & on about how great guillermo del toro is but i have yet to see it.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

i still havent seen "rock of love"

 a clip popped up of me on instagram & i decided to watch it.

first thought: what am i wearing?

second thought: what am i doing?

third thought: why didnt i brush my hair?

fourth thought: why am i talking so fast?

funny thing is, i didnt remember doing any of that or saying any of that(though it was classic Dallas).i know i wasnt drunk or high so that was me being bored & trying to entertain myself like i usually do. i stopped acting YEARS ago but i will be in a new (big) movie next year. debating whether or not i want to share. filming wasnt traumatic but it wasnt a positive experience either. if you spot me in a 2022 movie, leave a comment, lol

i was going to post something really spectacular for the new year but decided against that. who cares + nothing matters. next year will be just as pointless as this one :-)

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dune part 1 2021

i cant stand zendaya or teem-o-TAY so idk about watching this. technically dune 1984 is a bad movie but i still love it. its big boots to fill for such a small twink like timmay. its not believable that oscar issac would have a son as unattractive as timmay.

i'm confused how we have bagpipers in the future but not pizza. its not even 7pm & i almost fell asleep. the visuals are nice but timmay is boring. its too much "filler" & dreams. stop foreshadowing, damn near everybody who is watching this knows the plot! i havent read the books but i'm sure there is enough for 2 movies without all this bs.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye 2021

i love jessica but i hate religion so The Eyes of Tammy Faye might be painful. the fake jaw issa distracting mess & jessica chastain is the only one with an accent. i think the majority of churches are scams so i dont understand why they decided to only put jim bakker in prison......

all these sex scenes with tammy & jim(& tammy cheating) is REALLY grossing me out. who wants to think about tammy faye or jim bakker fvcking???? who asked for this? i didnt know tammy was thottin & boppin like this but i guess i shouldve known she was a hypocrite. i came here for high camp & fabulous outfits & all i got was puppets.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

asos marketplace is run by morons

 so i had a store in the asos marketplace YEARS ago.i ended up not posting any products & years later when i logged in, my store was gone, & they asked for me to apply again.




i jump through the hoops, email them pictures i took, then they emailed me saying my application was rejected because i "stole someone elses pictures". i reply saying that was a lie & i get no reply back. 2 weeks later, i send an email to someone else & get this in return



We use reverse image searching to check the authenticity of the imagery provided. We do not allow imagery that is not owned or taken directly by the boutique or product creator to be on site.


After reviewing the imagery we found the imagery provided on multiple other websites


We will not be replying to any further emails regarding this matter, thank you"

what were those other websites i "stole" my photos from? my etsy & my other online stores(pretty sure i emailed them the link to my etsy in the 1st email so that makes this even more dumb). of course, they couldnt just read the profile in the store to know it was me(or even ask me like a human being). its bizarre to me how people who are SO STUPID are in charge of things