Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dune part 1 2021

i cant stand zendaya or teem-o-TAY so idk about watching this. technically dune 1984 is a bad movie but i still love it. its big boots to fill for such a small twink like timmay. its not believable that oscar issac would have a son as unattractive as timmay.

i'm confused how we have bagpipers in the future but not pizza. its not even 7pm & i almost fell asleep. the visuals are nice but timmay is boring. its too much "filler" & dreams. stop foreshadowing, damn near everybody who is watching this knows the plot! i havent read the books but i'm sure there is enough for 2 movies without all this bs.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye 2021

i love jessica but i hate religion so The Eyes of Tammy Faye might be painful. the fake jaw issa distracting mess & jessica chastain is the only one with an accent. i think the majority of churches are scams so i dont understand why they decided to only put jim bakker in prison......

all these sex scenes with tammy & jim(& tammy cheating) is REALLY grossing me out. who wants to think about tammy faye or jim bakker fvcking???? who asked for this? i didnt know tammy was thottin & boppin like this but i guess i shouldve known she was a hypocrite. i came here for high camp & fabulous outfits & all i got was puppets.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

asos marketplace is run by morons

 so i had a store in the asos marketplace YEARS ago.i ended up not posting any products & years later when i logged in, my store was gone, & they asked for me to apply again.




i jump through the hoops, email them pictures i took, then they emailed me saying my application was rejected because i "stole someone elses pictures". i reply saying that was a lie & i get no reply back. 2 weeks later, i send an email to someone else & get this in return



We use reverse image searching to check the authenticity of the imagery provided. We do not allow imagery that is not owned or taken directly by the boutique or product creator to be on site.


After reviewing the imagery we found the imagery provided on multiple other websites


We will not be replying to any further emails regarding this matter, thank you"

what were those other websites i "stole" my photos from? my etsy & my other online stores(pretty sure i emailed them the link to my etsy in the 1st email so that makes this even more dumb). of course, they couldnt just read the profile in the store to know it was me(or even ask me like a human being). its bizarre to me how people who are SO STUPID are in charge of things

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Swan Song

udo kier & jennifer coolidge are so underrated. i have to keep stopping swan song because i dont want it to end. i'm mad he's just as ratchet as i hope i am when i get old. i would pay good money to watch a tv show starring udo strutting around in a leisure suit in ohio. i almost didnt watch it because i thought it would be sadder & i'm glad it wasnt.

Monday, July 5, 2021

i used to be on reality television


i used to be on reality tv & its just so weird when i think about it. i never tell people & i never talk about it. when i came to hollywood, i wanted to be a SERIOUS actress ala marilyn monroe & i went to acting classes & everything. i turned up my nose at even doing tv shows until my savings ran out :-).  its so funny to me how "rock of love" is considered vintage or classic & young girls are dressing like us(please dont lol). reality television is part of the problem & i'm sort of bummed that i added on to that. to clarify, not bummed at who i am but bummed how they chose to edit me & manipulate the situation.

Saturday, May 29, 2021


so i didnt rewatch the original 101 dalmations. from what i remember as a child,i hated it & thought it was boring/stupid & cruella was the best thing in it(same goes for the remake with glenn close. they shouldve made an all cruella movie starring her).

i LOVE emma stone so this had better be good. all the dogs are bad cgi & it looks so cheap :-(. i wish i had a 1 eyed dog named wink. i'm confused how 3 children were squatting in an abandoned building for a decade & nobody noticed. its cool how the store has a biba vibe to it. i'm SLIGHTLY disappointed most of the costumes arent historically accurate but it isnt bothering me as much as it should. 30 minutes in & this is pretty bland so........

emma thompson coming through with the bad betch african auntie headwrap & i'm here for it! i kind of feel like she may have been underrated due to being with kenneth branagh but that is a convo for a different time. its WEIRD this is supposed to be so progressive(OMG THEY CAST NEGROES!!??!!) but emma thompson is basically cosplaying african women. again, that is a convo for a different time. i have to finish this movie before the champagne kicks in. i see white people posting salty comments about how anita darling is a black woman with an afro. its sad how predictable & racist you people are for no reason..........

im confused why disney insists on making the villains the most interesting characters in their movies(cruella is the victim here). if you dont want me to root for the villain then dont make the lead boring/dumb.

it took me WAY TOO LONG to figure out who tf nandor was. 1 hour in & this isnt fun or funny. idc. idc if she was an orphan. idc about the baroness. idc about any of this. i have to admit the cruella "revenge" events gowns are fun but there is not enough of that.

seeing mark strong with hair is bizarre. did they cgi that as well????? im going to need some answers! lmfao.

every once & a while i think about the death of empress elisabeth & this movie doesnt help. i'm mad that wink the dog was literally the best part of this movie

Friday, May 21, 2021

blind item: the "model" & the fashion designer


so this "model" is more known for the rappers she has sex with & the female fashion designer was VERY popular at studio 54. the fashion designer married a gay guy but it turns out it was a lavender marriage both ways. she would fly out the self proclaimed thot for bdsm parties & basically made the "model" into her kinky sex slave. 

Saturday, May 15, 2021



“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” Zora Neale Hurston

a "well meaning" white woman told me i should stop talking about racism today because i might start to lose money. lmfao! as if me being born a black woman didnt make me lose money/opportunities my entire life. it's 2021 & white people STILL DONT GET IT. you can afford to sit back with your head in the sand pretending like everything is ok. absolutely nothing going on is affecting you negatively.

your life is not my life. i literally cannot even walk to the store without others trying to hate crime me yet i'm supposed to be silent of all these things done against me.

instead of using her privilege to be an ally, she basically told me to sit down & smile. i am not a coward, i have NEVER been a coward. my ancestors didnt have a voice so i have to speak for them. if that offends you then that will continue to be your problem..........

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

the handmaid's tale

 "the handmaid's tale" is just white women cosplaying what my ancestors went through. that's the post

Friday, April 16, 2021

elvis 2005 review

 i loves me some elvis & (young) jonathan rhys meyers but idk about this. instead of casting someone who sounds like elvis, they just play his original recordings & its weird as hell. this was a tv movie but they shouldve at least tried. 

jrm playing shy is awkward as hell though he was born to play a rockstar. all of this should be exciting but its just boring & idgaf. the costumes are cheap & he has late 1990s hair. his fake sideburns look like they are about to fall off if he moves his head too quickly. randy quaid is so underrated. the girl cast as priscilla is youngish but isnt as young looking as a 14 year old priscilla presley. they shouldve cast an actual child because that is what she was. i'm guessing rose mcgowan is going to be ann margret? i hope not. rose will look insane with anything but black hair.

its weird how the girl playing priscilla looks like a less attractive version of lindsay lohan when lohan wouldve been almost perfect for her role (or ann margret). this isnt worth wasting almost 3 hours for.