Friday, July 31, 2015

"diary of a teenage girl" movie review

I went to a small private screening of "diary of a teenage girl" (there was about 5 of us).the main actors were supposed to show up but didn't. mildly annoyed at the fact that I did not make out with Alexander Skarsgard but I know where he hangs out so it's all good.

the theater was empty so(of course) 2 white women sat down right behind me & talked throughout the entire film. the other people were a couple of seats down(this would be the part when I rant about how stupid it is that people bunch together in an empty room instead of spreading out).

Kristen wiig was great as the mom(I prefer comedians in serious roles ie jim carrey, bill murray, etc but that is a rant for another time). the 1970s wardrobe was great,the vintage soundtrack was great,the only problem was the script. it was the same old, tired "underage teen girls want to f*ck men twice their age" nonsense. now it almost worked because Alexander Skarsgard is a stone cold fox but it was still gross(it was written/directed by a woman who should have known better).we need to stop glorifying pedophiles, there is nothing sexy about having sex with children. period.

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