Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Miss Dallas OMG

last night really upset me, i saw behind the curtain & didn't like it very much. i will try to keep this as vague as possible. i am not paranoid but I do know where the bodies are buried :-). someone once remarked that all the 300+ books I own were either about sex or history. its true, lol. I enjoy reading about history because it always repeats itself(& you have to be smart enough to realize what's coming next). nothing is "new". 100 years they complained about slutty dressing women & rude children & 100 years from now they will be complaining about slutty dressing women & rude children. that being said, I feel old. dead. dying.

now is the time.

I've put it off for a LONG while, it's been sitting in a box for years. i will finally rewrite & finish my book next year(hopefully Dec 2016).it will be my memoir(said exactly like john malkovich says it in "burn after reading"). I've played the game, i was a "good" girl but now, no fux can be given. i've watched lesser "talents" shine before me while I was forced to play the coon. no more. i have had enough of the sexism, the racism, the cheats, liars, fakes, & phonies of hollywood. i've seen it all & was intelligent enough to record most of it.

unless I am found dead in a wh0rehouse or "fell" out of a window, what I've seen in the dark will come to light pretty soon. funny that "hail Caesar" should be coming out now. the fixer isn't used as much these days but the script is still written before you get there.

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