Thursday, October 29, 2015

the musician

he was the most handsome man i'd ever seen, it was love at first sight. i gave him my number, then he never called. years passed & he'd seen me on tv. now I was finally good enough. he called & we went out. every time he was lonely, he'd call me. we were never intimate though both of us wanted to. there was something weird about the situation & I could not trust him.

random strangers come up to tell us we are "the most beautiful couple"  they'd ever seen. he acts uneasy when we are in public together as if he were ashamed yet he goes on dates with other women only to talk about me.

one night he calls & says he will be going on tour the next day so I needed to stop by that night to "do" him. I laugh & say no. my self esteem isn't low, i don't enjoy being treated like trash. months pass & his sister contacts me but he does not call. i miss him. I call. he says he's about to get married to a black woman, has a baby on the way. even today, the thought of that conversation still makes me want to cry.

a year passes, i call to ask of his child. he says it was all a lie. no baby, no black wife. he just wanted to get revenge for me not servicing him that night. i guess this is what psychopaths look like.

I finally looked him up online today. the gorgeous face is bloated, the beautiful blue eyes staring like the dead. i wonder does it make him feel better to know how deeply he hurt me over something I would have given him freely.

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