Thursday, September 28, 2017

the Beguiled

i'm not a fan of sofia coppola(though i loved marie antoinette).her movies are boring and filled with bland blondes so I can see why melanin deficient people would like them.i LOVED the original Beguiled and it will be hard for cute colin farrell to out sexy clint eastwood in his prime. i'm slightly glad she cut out the female slave character.sofia seems like the type who has never had a non white friend and only thinks of poc as stereotypes she saw on tv 20 years ago.

i stan hard for nicole kidman, kirsten dunst, and colin but I already feel like this is going to be dry and drawn out and I haven't even pressed play yet.i don't understand the point of remaking great movies......

i wonder why colin is using an irish accent instead of a fake southern one.5 minutes in and i'm already bored.the day lighting is pissing me off.i get that in real life it would be that dark but this is a movie with 800 blonde white women who are too similar and I can't tell who is looks like nicole got rid of some of the bad plastic if she'd only dye her hair red and go back to being perfect. c'mon nicole pull that towel down so we all see what colin is working with!

colin is such a silver tongue devil but I feel like this should have been filmed a decade ago for it to work with the older cast.i'm not too fond of the young actresses and elle fanning has such an awkward face.i wonder why tptb decided she should be the next new thing.

circa 1990s ewan mcgregor or glen powell now would have been perfect as john.colin looks too tired /old.i don't believe that lonely women would still fight or kill for him.he's charming but not that charming.don't get me wrong,colin is sexy and a talented actor but something is missing.

without the black character it's easier to see that the beguiled is really about the duplicity of white women. pretty shady since i'm sure sofia thought it would be a love letter to white femininity. i might have to look up the original authors other books

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