Friday, December 18, 2020

ma rainey's black bottom

ma rainey's black bottom has a lot to unpack & i didnt like most of it but i do think they made a lot of good points. a lot of it will go over most white peoples heads, though(especially about the lack of basic respect/racism & the constant stealing from black people. yes all of that is still being done in 2020). i feel like i have to watch it again to really understand what was going on. viola davis is so talented but whoever had the idea to slather her in baby oil shouldve been fired. i guess i'm most disappointed because i thought it would be more like bessie

i can always tell a play that has been made into a movie & i'm guessing that is most of the problem. it just pisses me off because the monologues are SOOOOOO long & you are stuck in that one room for most of the film. i'm not making too much sense but since this is my blog i guess i dont have too..........

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