Saturday, May 29, 2021


so i didnt rewatch the original 101 dalmations. from what i remember as a child,i hated it & thought it was boring/stupid & cruella was the best thing in it(same goes for the remake with glenn close. they shouldve made an all cruella movie starring her).

i LOVE emma stone so this had better be good. all the dogs are bad cgi & it looks so cheap :-(. i wish i had a 1 eyed dog named wink. i'm confused how 3 children were squatting in an abandoned building for a decade & nobody noticed. its cool how the store has a biba vibe to it. i'm SLIGHTLY disappointed most of the costumes arent historically accurate but it isnt bothering me as much as it should. 30 minutes in & this is pretty bland so........

emma thompson coming through with the bad betch african auntie headwrap & i'm here for it! i kind of feel like she may have been underrated due to being with kenneth branagh but that is a convo for a different time. its WEIRD this is supposed to be so progressive(OMG THEY CAST NEGROES!!??!!) but emma thompson is basically cosplaying african women. again, that is a convo for a different time. i have to finish this movie before the champagne kicks in. i see white people posting salty comments about how anita darling is a black woman with an afro. its sad how predictable & racist you people are for no reason..........

im confused why disney insists on making the villains the most interesting characters in their movies(cruella is the victim here). if you dont want me to root for the villain then dont make the lead boring/dumb.

it took me WAY TOO LONG to figure out who tf nandor was. 1 hour in & this isnt fun or funny. idc. idc if she was an orphan. idc about the baroness. idc about any of this. i have to admit the cruella "revenge" events gowns are fun but there is not enough of that.

seeing mark strong with hair is bizarre. did they cgi that as well????? im going to need some answers! lmfao.

every once & a while i think about the death of empress elisabeth & this movie doesnt help. i'm mad that wink the dog was literally the best part of this movie

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