Friday, June 5, 2015

tank girl

I remember trying to watch  tank girl as a child & thinking "wtf is this nonsense?".it didn't help that the only black actor(ice t) was literally an animal.i guess it must be time to rewatch it with all this feminist Mad Max: Fury Road talk. i'm not into lori petty or comic books but I do love vintage 1990s fashion so this should be interesting.....

later: all the jokes/puns are super lame(would they still play "Baywatch" in 2033?) & the stuff that tries to be clever just falls flat. people in 2015 don't know the words to cole porter songs so I know they wouldn't in the future, though I do enjoy ann magnuson any way I can get her. tank girl is supposed to be a clever bad@ss but ends up being immature & annoying in this movie.

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