Friday, June 5, 2015

i wanna marry harry

I Wanna Marry Harry Winner Reveals How Crazy the Show Made Her Feel

I am pretty tired & I've already blogged about "rock of love" on my patreon blog but here are some thoughts:

"In the hotel for a week by herself alone before filming started, she literally had nothing to do. No books, no internet, no television" yes & they also take away your phone & once you are on set they only let you use a phone about once a week for a couple of minutes(if you beg nicely).

"Birch says that once they started filming, the girls caught on pretty quickly to the idea that Hicks probably wasn’t really Prince Harry. But the show’s producers kept lying to her, telling her that he was and that she was nuts, going so far as to bring a fake therapist to talk to the doubters and tell them they needed to be more trustworthy" yes the producers will lie about every little thing. i've been kicked off of a few sets for telling the truth. they love to use cult tactics(sleep deprivation, lies, spirit breaking, separating your from loved ones, etc) to keep you in line. also getting a therapist to talk to the girls before shooting begins & then using whatever you said against you/in the pre written plot.

 I could go on but like I said, i need a nap. this is all just a little something to think about next time you're watching the idiot box.

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