Monday, June 15, 2015

stupid guys

I am on a dating website & one section says to name your favorite movies/books/tv shows.i HATE it when men send dumb emails saying only "hey" or "ur cute" so I fill that section out completely & put on top "this is a long list of my favorites". with that info, there is no excuse for lame/boring emails or reasons why he didn't know what to talk about.

I get an email from a man this morning that only says "ur profile is as long as the bible". :-(

maybe that was his way of flirting, maybe he was trying to be funny, or maybe it was a neg. either way I emailed him "wow, you really know how to turn a woman off" then I blocked him. you'd think he'd want to know more about a woman before he asked her out/spent money on her/got her pregnant but I guess not, huh?

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