Wednesday, July 8, 2015

the millionaires son

now i'm going to be as vague as possible because i'm really not trying to break up his marriage. for a while we were dating but I had no idea who he was(tall, bland white guy with a gigantic penis) plus he told me a fake name. no big deal but I knew he was a millionaire. he spent PLENTY of money on me & we'd meet in the daytime. he loved to talk about underage girls & have me pretend to be 16 years old.

I end up going on a gossip website & the headline is "son & heir to blahblahblah fortune arrested" & there is this young guy(the son) standing with his dad(my ex).my ex had been married to the same woman since before I was born, his daughter has STDS, & the son keeps getting arrested. the whole family was/is a trailer trashy mess.

I feel so sorry for the son. his family pimped out the other more valuable children & he was ignored.he keeps getting in trouble, keeps getting arrested & nothing punishment, no lessons learned. this cannot end well for him or anyone he is around.

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