Tuesday, August 4, 2015

doordash house of guys review

when I was a teenager, we used to sneak into gay clubs & then after closing time go to the "house of guys" aka house of pies to hang out. i'm pretty sure I've never eaten there but I heard they have strawberry pie(my favorite) & now they deliver through doordash so I had to try it out.

doordash is a great idea(they are the ones delivering taco bell, chickfila, mcdonalds & other local fast food places).I order a monte cristo,fries, & strawberry pie from house of pies. they say my order will take an hour & a half to arrive at 3:30pm. no problem. now I have plenty of time to put on my eating pants.

doordash sends out about 7 text messages("john is at house of pies""john is leaving h.o.p.""john is on his way to you" etc).1 text is enough & I don't care what john is doing. john arrives at 2pm. the food is cold & there is no excuse since the restaurant is within walking distance. everything tastes like OLD grease that has been used for everything & never changed. the fries are limp & the sandwich is weird with an unidentifiable mushy white middle(a glob of fat? wet bread? I have no idea & I've eaten MANY monte cristos).I start to gag & end up throwing my lunch away. i put the pie in the fridge without even opening it. i've had too much heartbreak for one day. :-(

my review:
doordash gets 2 thumbs up, fast service, convenient, & $1 delivery fee

house of pies is disappointing to say the least but the only place that delivers strawberry pie so I might have to try it again

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