Wednesday, August 5, 2015

new york new york

new York new york is almost 3 hours long,i'm in the 1st 10 minutes & its already dragging along :-(

the makeup/costumes is very 1970s doing 1940s which is fine(I guess) but i'd prefer liza Minnelli in real 1940s makeup. she has a face that does not need 7 layers of spackle & half a container of blush, its distracting. also, the first scene is so "sexual harassy". back then, i'm sure people thought it was "romantic" to harass a woman & not take no for an answer. looking at it now just makes me uncomfortable. their whole relationship is so abusive, it turns me right off.

watch it for the costumes, liza singing standards while looking like judy garland, & a skinny Robert deniro but not the actual plot.

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