Thursday, August 6, 2015

first comes sex

relativity media calls me & I ignore it. i know this is going to be some bs,so I get some chores done, eat, then call them back. the casting director keeps saying this show is going to be "out of the box". mind you,i've been acting since I was a teenager & I know ALL the code words.

all American=blonde white woman
edgy=brunette white woman
geeky=brunette white woman with glasses
sexy/beautiful/upscale/aspirational=white woman
urban=black woman
exotic=black woman who is 3/4 white with a wavy waist length weave
out of the box=nudity

my 1st question is "does this involve nudity?". she ignores me & keeps on with her spiel. she's going on & on, talking even faster now about how the show will have sex/dating experts & how it will be SO extreme blahblahblah.the 1st show will be me & some random man they pick getting the keys to a hotel room & staying there alone overnight. sex before dating, then we get to go on 3 filmed dates.

of course

this is when I start laughing. oh,h3ll no! I tell her this is exactly what is wrong with society these days,having sex before you even get to know each other. so many woman with low self esteem who do this & now men expect every woman to be this stupid. i tell her that I would never do something like that in real life & definitely not on tv for $100 a day. I say that it's bad enough all the stereotypes about black women , I will not add to that, & when she needs a stereotype to please "count me out".I am livid.

I am not a prude, i have no problem with talking about sex, & there is nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual urge but this is ridiculous. everything is such a race to the bottom & I feel so sorry for kids these days because they have no idea how bad it has become. dignity,self esteem, & respect are gone, replaced by women being treated as free,disposable prostitutes.

update: they've changed the name to "first comes sex" & is now paying $1, seems like they are having trouble finding anyone stupid enough to be on it.lolz. you'd think it would be easy with so many women with low self esteem in la

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