Friday, August 21, 2015

romeo & juliet

pretty sure I've seen every English language version of romeo & Juliet. the best(hands down) is the leonardo dicaprio/Claire danes/baz lurhmann 90s one. the funniest is the 1930s one with norma shearer & leslie howard as 40 year old teenagers. I've also performed the actual play but I cannot say that i'm any sort of expert on Shakespeare.

anyhoo,trying to get through the latest romeo & juliet with the edible douglas booth & hailee steinfeld is pretty painful. ed westwick's nostrils come into view before anything else & I find it odd the capulets/montagues don't wear their "gang" colors, only all black. hard to figure who is who. the script has been dumbed down so its not Shakespeare anymore,just "ye olde English" which is distracting(whats the point of doing r&j without Shakespeare's words?).

i'm in the 1st 10 minutes & i'm dreading having to turn it back on,its THAT bad. the costumes are great, douglas is one of the most gorgeous actors ever but westwick's nostrils, the mangled script, damian lewis, & hailee ruins it for's a shame that douglas is so much prettier than hailee. why would he kill himself for her? it doesn't make sense

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