Monday, October 26, 2015

my haters

I have haters, i've always had haters, lol. for as long as I can remember there has always been someone trying to hold me down & keep me on their level. the crabs in a barrel mentality is something I can never understand. if your friend succeeds then YOU can succeed, dummy! they can eventually help you up instead of you trying to drag them back down.

my neighbors are the equivalent to Mexican hillbillys (does that even have a name? idk).they all live at least 4 people in a 1 bedroom apartment, they are loud, they leave poop/food in the hallways, the children play with matches, etc. i move in & the 1st thing I do is get the mailman a door key(you don't need to be a genius to realize the mailman needs to get in & yet it took me to figure that out).I got the roof fixed, an exterminator, new paint, etc. this is all in the first month. i have no idea how many years they've lived here like animals.

the neighbors stand under my window & call me all kinds of n!ggers. how dare I try to improve the neighborhood! how dare I want a safe, clean, quiet place to stay! the nerve! i grew up in the ghetto too but there is no reason to not have dignity. good manners are free, we can all afford thank yous.

even with my online stores there is drama. people around me see that I make money, i have loyal customers, i give the people what they want. instead of improving their stores, they try to close mine down(as if I am the reason for their failures).

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