Tuesday, October 27, 2015

fatty boom boom

so i'm hanging out in the playboy mansion minding my own business. a chubby white man & woman are frantically whispering beside me. "should I ask her?""idk""maybe" blahblahblah. now i'm annoyed. they are drunk & i know something racist is about to happen so I ask "what would you like to know?"

the woman asks "do you think he is attractive?" he is tall, claims to be a football player, preppy looking, brown hair, like a fat, young tom cruise. i honestly say that he has a cute face but isn't my type, that I prefer skinny antichrist superstar era Marilyn manson looking guys. now he's offended. his face turns red, how dare this negress NOT want him! he's yelling all sorts of racist nonsense & i'm cool, not bothered, unaffected. the woman apologizes, i say i'm not angry. that makes him madder. i tell him that most women prefer a man who is not fat, wish him well, & move to another part of the mansion.

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