Thursday, October 8, 2015

negrito vs the neighbors part deaux

the old woman is married & they are both at least 60. the old man drags out the trash cans, puts them in his tool shed, then picks through for food/treasure/cans to recycle. he puts the trash cans back on the sidewalk & hauls the rest of the trash back into their apartment.

once I put a huge box of food into the trash(it was spoiled, really inedible stuff).I turned around to walk away & I saw her skulking. i turned around again really quickly to see that she'd basically ran to the can & jerked her arms away from the food. i opened my mouth to warn her & she shot me a "go eff yourself" look so I turned again & kept walking. i'm sure they had a banquet with my garbage that night.

there is a food bank literally a block away(& 2 more within walking distance).there is no excuse for them to be eating trash. they have children/grandchildren who obviously don't care & do not help them. funny thing is, even with the nonsense, had they asked me I would have gotten them groceries. don't be a dumb@ss like my neighbors, if you need help ask for it. find a local food bank

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