Wednesday, October 7, 2015

american horror story hotel

I was debating whether or not I wanted to even comment on ahs hotel. i get SO excited & then by the end of the season i'm mad that I wasted so much time. ryan murphy must be some kind of genius & yet all of his shows suck after the 1st episode.*

ahs hotel doesn't have Jessica lange so its really not worth old fave mare winningham is in it & hopefully there will be more n00d scenes for cuties max greenfield & matt bomer but other than that I could not care less.
its just another shining/the hunger/sid and nancy ripoff & there is no need to "improve" perfection. I always feel so bad for lady gaga when she tries to be s3xy. its so bizarre. everything about her is the opposite of s3x. she cannot act & she has zero charisma. i will say that however much she spent on butt implants was money well spent & i'm very thankful hair/wardrobe successfully covered up her low hangers......

* still only half way through the 1st episode.

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