Tuesday, October 6, 2015

that famous guy

I get a call & the voice sounds vaguely familiar, new York accent, high pitched voice, mumbling. its the middle of the night. the guy says he wants to make my dreams come true. otay. he goes on & on about how rich, handsome, & famous he is. otay. he asks me if I want to meet tomorrow. I have no idea who this is or how he got my number.

the "famous" guy starts talking dirty & I tell him he couldn't even have my dead body. finally he gets to the real reason why he called, he's looking to find a woman for a thre3some with his wife. he talks about a celebrity model who he paid. I ask him why does he not just call a professional? why are men SO against using escorts, yet want every woman to act like one? now he's offended. how DARE I ask him to use a pro, how dare I say that the "model" who took his money for a thr3esome was in fact an escort! I say "she can call herself a model, an octopus, or the queen of England but if you pay her for s3x, the real label is a hook3r". now he starts screaming & hangs up the phone. lolz. I guess I got too real for him.

so here's the deal:
#1 there is nothing wrong with s3x & there is nothing wrong with selling s3x if that's what you want to do with your life but don't force other people into it. no need to trick women into having s3x with you, there are PLENTY of professionals who will consent to do whatever you want

#2 I've met a LOT of rich/famous/handsome men & none of them have had to say it out loud. if you have to tell people something like that then it probably isn't true. work out, build a better personality, & buy quality clothes. focus on improving yourself instead of telling lies. that will get you much farther in life

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