Monday, October 5, 2015

santee alley

santee alley is in the fashion district near skid row. its pretty much THE place to go when you are broke & iso knockoffs in los angeles. the last time I was there (years & years & years ago) it was packed. so packed you could barely walk through & fake chanel/ louis Vuitton sold by African men all over the place.

I get there & its loud(the owners yelling out their spiels) but no customers. all of the African men are gone, no chasnel, no louiee, no moskino, no nothing. only cheap polyester lingerie & sketchy "nars" makeup(nothing is wholesale even though this is the wholesale district). it makes me feel sad, all of los angeles is changing but not in a good way. a man starts his spiel about how he has chanel but I keep walking. following a sketchy man into a dark alley doesn't sound like a good idea & I only came to look anyway. i keep walking.

I guess all the criminals have moved into the back of buildings or online. the police worry about fake purses but not about the men literally sleeping in the streets on the next block.

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