Wednesday, October 21, 2015

the aussie

so lord "bogan" saw a pic of me on the internet & decided that I would be his next bride. bogan is one of the richest men in Australia. we sent a few emails, he sent a plane ticket,then I gave him my phone number. we had a 1 hour phone call and I was off to Australia.

we spent every day the same. we'd sleep at the "city" house, then be chauffered to the beach house. we'd take molly, lay on the beach for hours, then go shopping at the mall for a new $10,000 outfit for me. i'd put on the outfit, we'd go to dinner where the food would be unedible, sleep separately, then repeat.

lord bogan was at least 60, unattractive, & unfortunately was a snob. he treated all the "lessers" with disrespect which I could not stand. i believe I am better than most people(i'm smart, honest, I don't believe in fairy tales, dependable, etc) but there is no need to be rude to the help. his attitude & boringness is the only reason why I am not Lady Dallas today :-). maybe next time.....

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