Tuesday, October 20, 2015

the gossip guy

I went to the birthday party of a very famous gossip blogger. i'll call him "lee". so lee was VERY popular back in the day for outing gay celebrities & getting upskirt pix of underage singers. the party was held in an old, huge theater. the red carpet out front had a line of celebrities who would get their photos taken then make a u turn & go home. none of them actually came inside the party.

I felt bad for him. who knows how many millions of dollars were spent that night & the venue wasn't even half filled. it was a ghost town. i didn't know that we were going to a birthday party & felt ashamed that I didn't have a present for lee. i went up to him & said happy birthday. he looked at me, frowned, & immediately turned his back, completely ignoring my greeting.

I ended up leaving with a gift bag worth at least $6,000(thanks, lee!) & so much food in my stomach that I vomited 3 times that night.

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