Wednesday, November 18, 2015

child star pedos

I know some of these people so i'm going to keep it really short & as "blind" as possible. child molesters are the worst kind of people & should be executed immediately so I have no problem with telling his name but the child star is still alive(& I think he should be the one to tell his truth plus he may be getting hush money by now).

anyhoo,this happened a million years ago

picture it, cute chubby cheeked little boy acting, paying rent for his parents. he gets caught up in a Hollywood pedo ring. all the executive men in charge know whats going on. of course, no one stops it. he meets an older actor who looks like the future version of himself. this older actor takes him & his friend under his wing. he "mentors" them, he molests them. both boys grow up & are eventually addicted to drugs due to the early dies from a drug overdose but they claim its something else to spare his family the embarrassment. the older actors wife finds child p0rn later, but it is all hushed up.


we could talk about the little blonde girl from a famous family. she was about to become the next big thing until she was molested/impregnated by the pedo in charge at her tv show. unfortunately it wasn't the only time he molested a child on set. people made jokes, said she was a redneck for getting pregnant at such a young age. eventually they found a boy closer to her age to take the blame.

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