Monday, November 16, 2015

charlie sheen has the hiv?

so I knew this was coming for a while now but its still pretty shocking. I would never out anyone with aids(not even that blonde pop star or tall, dark, & handsome movie star). i feel SO bad for his children/father. they don't deserve any of this.

here's the deal: anyone who has unprotected s3x is a moron. period. we know how aids spreads, we know its not the "gay cancer", we've known how to prevent it for at least 20 years. "play stupid games, win stupid prizes".

Charlie sheen had so much potential & wasted it on drugs & p0rnstars.he's ruined many lives with his shenanigans. hopefully he will take this time to put things right & educate others on how not to live your life.

update: sitting/waiting for audition to start & ditsy blonde scrolling through iphone yells out "omg he has AIDS!!!!" :-( I really do hate people sometimes

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