Thursday, December 31, 2015

the pop diva

someone reminded me of this older pop diva,says shes in her 30s but probably closer to 40(& looks almost 50). they were wondering what happened to her,wheres the next album? anyhoo this singer is married to an incredibly handsome man who cannot keep it in his pants.i know this to be fact not just another rumor. dude is gorgeous but as you(& future husband eddie redmayne) already know,i dont fux with married men. so he's out & about spreading it around & shes trying to find comfort in the lord but thats not helping so she decides to go back to an old love. meth.

that is what shes been doing for the past 2 years instead of releasing that new cd. hopefully she gets clean again & puts out some more hits.shes talented,used to be naturally beautiful but has low self esteem. we miss you,lovely!

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