Wednesday, January 13, 2016

liz & dick

so i made a half @ssed "review" of "Liz & Dick" when it first came out but now i'm actually watching it. there is so much wtf that its hard to know where to start.the only living person who could ever play elizabeth taylor is sherilyn fenn 20 years ago. why they allowed lindsay lohan to ruin this movie,i have no idea. having people hate watch does not make it a hit.

 hohan was gorgeous pre drugs & pre breast/lip implants but now not so much. what little acting talent she once had is now gone as well. the bruises on her legs in the love scene are so distracting(ditto for grant bowers wigs). her face is bloated & barely moves when she talks(botox? alcohol? coke bloat?). hohan is nowhere close to being "the most beautiful woman in the world" or even in the room. the mansion that liz "lives" in is the one we used to film "rock of love charm school"

the wigs are so greasy,stiff, & cheap. its like they spent all the money on the costumes, filmed every scene in that 1 mansion, then went to goodwill for some wigs.i'm mad lindsay looked grotesque as young liz yet could pass as middle age 1980s "white diamonds" era liz. stream "Liz & Dick" online here

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