Tuesday, February 2, 2016

by the sea

i was SUPER excited when i first heard about By the Sea. angelina jolie in 1970s clothes & making out with brad pitt, what could go wrong? now that i hear its boring & pretentious i'm getting cold feet.i could only stand 30 minutes of Mr. And Mrs. Smith, it was too violent & i need my brangelina fix. i ran out of sleeping pills so i will be using this movie as one....

10 minutes in & i've already turned it off.not a good sign

angelina is looking more & more like the "Corpse Bride", the implants are huge, & her wig is a gigantic rats nest. her limbs have always been skinny but now she is skeletal, sickly looking, & i hope that she improves her health/situation soon.her voice is odd & pitched too high. its bizarre to hear brad mumble/mangle french.the whole thing is a mess & i'm now only 13 minutes into it.this is going to be a long night......

angelina sprawls on the floor looking like a Real Doll from the uncanny valley. this movie is like a very boring modern day Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?.

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