Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"vinyl" by mick jagger & martin scorsese

i'm pretty drunk on champagne & i have to wake up early tomorrow,so i will make this brief.went to a screening of the new hbo tv show "vinyl" starring olivia wilde, andrew "dice" clay, ray romano(super funny), & bobby cannavale. the costumes were EXCELLENT,i love the fact that one of the characters wore my vintage sweater, & it looks just like a real movie filmed in the 1970s.

 the plot was predictable but still enjoyable. the audience laughed throughout some of the serious parts though that might have been the free drinks & the ending was bizarre & over the top.i'm guessing we watched the entire 1st episode but it lasted more than 2 hours. by the last 30 minutes,my friend was asleep & snoring loudly(again that might have been the champagne). i recommend "vinyl" if you still pay for hbo.

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