Friday, January 22, 2016

is amiclubwear a scam website?

this is probably going to be my last review of i've been buying from them about once a month for years(i'm a gambler & dont mind losing money now & again). unfortunately i dont have good things to say. so many times there has been a problem like i order black they send me blue, no measurements & same size clothes are various sizes, bad quality, rips, stains, smells, etc. the quality of some of their clothes was so bad that i'd be ashamed to wear them outside. once they sent me a dress that was coming apart at the seams & had the nerve to not want to give a refund or the time they sent a dress that was similar but NOT the dress in the picture. i emailed them & they said they'd send me a return label but of course never did(that was a year ago & they never replied to any of my emails afterwards.i never got my money back from that).

amiclubwear has a blogger program where they send free clothes to blogs.they told me to pick out $100 worth of clothing(full price) & i email them back my selection. i dont need any more clothes but i figured why not, they pretty much owed me plus i've been a very loyal customer that they did not deserve. i send him my picks & a week later he says they are all sold out. i email my new selections. the guy emails me back a week later saying that those were special items & i could only get ami brand stuff. i email him again with the new items. that was over a month ago. no new clothes, no "sorry we changed our minds", nothing. i'm not upset but all of this shows how unprofessional ami really is.

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