Friday, February 26, 2016

review of the worst movies ever made part deaux

Caligula  was trashy but good & malcolm mcdowell & helen mirren never disappoint.again, another film ahead of its time

Heaven's Gate  was SOOOOOO boring.i dont even remember what it was about or if i even finished it. just turrrible

The Apple is like xanadu on crack. its a must see if you love cheesy disco musicals & english lyrics written by people who dont know english. the costumes were amazing & if you like "shock treatment" or rhps you will love "the apple"

Mommie Dearest is my 2nd favorite movie(right after "funny girl"). faye dunaway was AMAZING & even to this day when i see a picture of her i think of joan crawford. this movie is trashy,cheesy, it is everything you could ever want, beautiful costumes, glam old school hollywood gossip, & brassy dames beating up children.

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