Thursday, February 25, 2016

hot gossip part 2

so this is all super old gossip from an angelfire website(so sue them not moi,lol)


Hugh Hefner 
Dirt-likes watching gay p0rn, while his girlfriends get off with each other, two youngest sons have bad learning disabilities

Jada Pinkett 
Dirt-bi sexual; will often get a prostitute to join her and Will in threesomes, in high school, she had a rep as an opportunistic, narcissistic slut who happily bedded other girls' boyfriends and was very friendly with the neighborhood drug dealers 

Jason Priestly 
Dirt-had affair with Jan Wenner, former editor of Rolling Stone; Wenner told all his friends; likes drugs, huge weiner for a little guy yum; bi-sexual

Jay Leno 
Dirt-likes being dominated; he and his wife sleep in separate bedrooms, because she can't deal with his weird need to be dominated 

Jeff Gordon 
Dirt-nicknamed 'Rainbow Warrior' in Nascar circles; gay and closeted, threw a fit when a crowded gay NYC club wouldn't allow him and his party in 

Jeff Probst 
Dirt-loves meeting trannies via internet; sends them his pix and then suggests meeting 

John Barrowman 
Dirt-total gay slut; got his @ss plowed by several guys at a Washington DC bathhouse 

John Travolta 
Dirt-bi-sexual, known for coming on to cute guys on his movie sets 

John Wesley Shipp 
Dirt-gay, dating James Van Der Beek; character killed off on Dawson's Creek because his relationship with James was too public

Jon Voight 
Dirt-worked as an NYC rent boy prior to Midnight Cowboy fame; father of the very crazy Angelina Jolie he was GORGEOUS back in the day

Jordan Knight 
Dirt-noted by groupies for having crabs; bi-sexual; girlfriend Evelyn told his mother that she was pregnant before telling Jordan so that he couldn't pressure her into getting an abortion :-( i hope thats not true

Julia Roberts 
Dirt-likes to smoke weed; walks like a horse; made fun of extras on the set of 'Americas Sweethearts, loves bedding crew members on whatever movie set she is working on; has no understanding of monogamy; got it on with George Clooney a few times 

Kate Capshaw 
Dirt-is mean to adopted kids, will tell them 'You're not my real kids, I only have one real child and that's Jessica'; luckily, the children have good nannies; didn't bother hiding her affair with a riding instructor 

Kate Moss 
Dirt-former heroin addict; allegedly has fat puzzy lips i'm sure we all wouldve noticed the lips by now

Keanu Reeves 
Dirt-bisexual; has terrible body odor; he was once asked to leave an outdoor cafe because of it; used to bring boyfriend to the set of the original 'Matrix' movie 

Kirstie Alley 
Dirt-lies about her age, likes to shave off five years; loves S&M 

Lorenzo Lamas 
Dirt-once had two women pregnant at the same time

Mark Mc Grath 
Dirt-slut, likes being urinated on by his conquests; very small cawk 

Matt Damon 
Dirt-according to Hollywood hookers, Matt and good buddy Ben, are good tippers who do not like to wear condoms, when he first hit it big, Matt and Ben would watch each other have sex with hookers 

Matt LeBlanc 
Dirt-He's been "engaged" to his fiancee (who has a kid from a previous relationship) for the last 5 years. They just might actually get married this summer! In reality, she and her child live in another wing of Matt's house, and Matt lives in another wing with his boyfriend 

Matthew Mc Conaughey 
Dirt-gay and very nelly acting; likes to smoke pot, had to pay off an Abercrombie marketing boy because he hit on him so badly at a fashion show in Milan and the boy was going to tell all to the tabs. 

Matthew Perry 
Dirt-Perry's fluctuating weight is strictly an effect of his drug use. He was on speed and coke when he was thin. while in college, he allegedly slipped a girl a mickey, took her home and date raped her :-/

Melanie Brown 
Dirt-had breast implants removed after they became as hard as rocks; unfortunately married a gold digger and is now close to bankruptcy i can believe that

Michael Bolton 
Dirt-has photo of Cher in downstairs bathroom (weird, huh?) i actually dont find it weird at all.cher is awesome

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