Friday, February 19, 2016

hot gossip

so this is all super old gossip from an angelfire website(so sue them not moi,lol)


AJ Mc Lean 
Dirt-this Backstreet Boy loves giving the ladies backdoor action; also likes rough sex, see groupiecentral for more info 

Alicia Keys
Dirt-absolutely loves puzzy 

Alyssa Milano
Dirt-as actually eaten sh!t; on one movie set in Canada, she infuriated a propmaster and after b!tching him out, she ordered him to get her something off the craft services table (food bar). He got her a hot dog, but before giving it to her, shoved his sh!t in it using a pen's inkwell 

Anna Wintour
Dirt-likes to fart loudly in Conde Nast bathrooms and then leave without washing hands; mean to assistants and doesn't like underlings to speak to her

Axel Rose
Dirt-bad plastic surgery, his face looks like silly putty now; blacklisted from many NYC brothels for bad behavior

Bill Gates
Dirt-huge nerd; his Dad uses has Netscape not Internet Explorer on his laptop; considered slightly autistic because he often rocks back and forth in his chair during meetings 

Brian Austin Green
Dirt-bi; likes to hire male hookers; has a son with Vanessa Marcil 

Bruce Jenner
Dirt-he's had 2 face lifts, eyelid surgery, and 2 nose jobs and still looks like hell; once went bankrupt; married to one of Nicole Simpson's good friends back when we didnt know what a kardashian was

Cameron Diaz
Dirt-once made her assistant shave her armpits for her; loads of acne 

Carson Daly
Dirt-after his got his MTV VJ gig, he had a male 'roommate'; does not go anywhere in public with boyfriends, ever i assume this is a lie because carson is way too boring to have such a juicy past

Casper Van Dien
Dirt-deserted pregnant wife, Catherine Oxenburg

Chris Burke
Dirt-remember the retarded kid from the TV show, 'Life Goes On'? He used to pal around with the youngest child from 'Growing Pains' (the little blonde girl) until he started telling people that they were dating. Given that he was 25 and she was 8, her parents freaked and forbid him from seeing her ever again  :-(

Christopher Meloni
Dirt-bi-sexual, had a fling with a guy while filming Oz; instead of going home to his wife after filming Oz, he'd go home with his fling and then head straight to the Law and Order SVU set; his excuse to his wife was the Oz was filming too late for him to come home

Clint Eastwood
Dirt-was kept as a young man by Arthur Lubin 

Colin Quinn
Dirt-admitted to having sex with a tranny in a truck in Hell's Kitchen

Corey H@im
Dirt-long time drug addict, currently is broke and living in Toronto; so desperate for cash, he had sex with a fan for a few hundred $$$; is currently selling personal items on Ebay for a few dollars :-(

Corey Hart
Dirt-had a gay dalliance with Terrence Trent Darby who wouldnt?

Courtney Love
Dirt-forced a fan to help her find some speed while in Austin SWSX conference; had 4 month affair with Winona Ryder; neglectful mother and forces her child to live her crazy lifestyle (poor Francis!); used to be a hooker during the 80s while living in Japan courtney doesnt seem to be winonas type,though

Craig Kilborn
Dirt-As unfunny and @ssholey in real life as he is on T.V. If not more; has illegitimate half black son he ignores; likes to date black women on the side but not take out in public 

Darryl Hannah
Dirt-comes from a rich family; according to someone who went to school with her, she was an idiot who was possibly borderline retarded 

David Letterman
Dirt-forget the dorky persona, he likes to visit NYC brothels on a regular basis

Demi Moore
Dirt-bad breast implants, once worked as hooker in Vegas

Denise Richards
Dirt-former Heidi Fleiss girl who made it big

Don Cornelius
Dirt-former host of Soul Train is tres gay; married to a white woman 

Dr Dre
Dirt-bi-sexual, has a young male lover who lives in Long Beach

Drew Carey
Dirt-likes being humiliated in bed by bimbos or porn stars

Eddie Murphy
Dirt-according to an NYC cop, he was busted with a tranny in NYC, long before the LA tranny incident;likes to frequent an NYC brothel that features gorgeous trannies; wife knows about all of it too 

Emma Bunton
Dirt-when shagging former Spice Girl manager, Simon Fuller, was told by him to scream 'Girl Power' at the point of orgasm 

Harlan Ellison
Dirt-the fantasy writer has a habit of sleeping with people without telling them he has herpes 

Harrison Ford
Dirt-presented a Golden Globe while totally high on pot; was a puzzy hound even while married to wife Melissa Matheson, especially when he was on location; once spotted as a gay sex toy store (weird), was once interrupted by a pool serviceman while being serviced by a hot young guy

Hilton Sisters
Dirt-they actually think their money makes them interesting (NOT!); they enjoying not paying hairdressers and manicurists by claiming that they forgot their money at home; Paris has cheekbone implants 

part 2 laterz......

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