Friday, February 12, 2016

review of the worst movies ever made

i was going to have a weekly review of what critics think is the worst movies ever made.i thought it would be hilarious to see how "bad" they actually are.then i actually read the list & noticed that more than half were movies that i love. :-(

reefer madness i found to be funny & interesting.of course the acting was overblown but 100 years later people are still pretty ignorant about drug abuse

Myra Breckinridge  is a camp classic starring mae west & raquel welch as a mtf transgender bad@ss. way ahead of its time & i highly recommend the book as well

Zabriskie Point was boring boring boring.2 hours of unwashed hippies mumbling about nonsense.def deserved to be on the list.Mark Frechette's life story is much more interesting

At Long Last Love -people were probably just hating because cybil shepard was dating peter bogdanovich at the time.old school musical featuring cole porter songs sung by burt reynolds.

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