Monday, February 15, 2016

the god or the future american crime story

this musician thinks he is a god but is only off his meds. he was obsessed with this underage girl but she didnt want him.he was poor, unimportant, & she could do better. he hung around,got close with her family & dated other women while waiting for her to grow up. people say his problem is with drugs but it is a severe mental illness(the truth will come out pretty soon). he slapped around his exes & they left when they found nude pix of the girl.

the girl grew up & her mentor was another "high class" prostitute.they lived the good life until she started stealing johns from her mentor.eventually she ran out of clients & since he was now rich & famous enough for her to take seriously they got together. he finally got what he wanted.....

....& hated every last minute of it.she was boring, her body was the wrong shape,her clothes were not the best. he decided to change everything about her,to mold her into his ex aka the real love of his life. they started to build a house that will never be finished(the winchester mansion part 2?). the reason why they do not live together is because he likes to beat her as well. living with her family gives her enough protection/witnesses.

all of this will be revealed. i'm guessing the end will come sooner rather than later, probably with him "committing suicide" or a "drug overdose".that will be the only way they can get rid of him once he stops being useful.

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