Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nordstrom Pop-In Launch Event featuring ty dolla sign

i'm hungover already so i'll keep it short.the event was held in a sketchy part of town(at night ) and all the emails asked the partiers not to bring pepper spray or weapons.we were early and got a spot across from the entrance but I know others weren't so lucky.i  repeated my name 5 times to the woman at the door and she was acting like she would not let me in until a male friend vouched for me. my name was on the list but his was not .

the food truck had free but inedible food ,the taco stand was just as bad.i took 1 bite and threw up .it was time to get wasted.they said they had "totally exclusive sneakers designed by Olivia Kim" but all i saw was 2 pairs of shoes on the cotton candy table.there was a claw machine filled with free vans swag but it broke every time I stood in line to use it .a worker said it would be at the mall and I could try again but why would i go through all that when they should have just given out gift bags? i saw exactly 1 person who got something from the claw machine .a worker eventually gave me a coupon for a free towel but it wasn't as good as the prizes in the machine (also, i've never used a coupon in my life and doubt if I will be starting now).

at that point ty dolla sign started to play but I had no idea. when I did ,it was too crowded to see .the only thing that didn't make me gag was the champagne ,so i overdid it a bit .when the event was over the security guards were VERY loud and rude telling the people to get out .we had bottles of water given to us by the bartender but were told we could not take them out.i found that to be pretty irresponsible .i made a couple of new friends but the event was pretty bad.i expected much more from Nordstrom

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