Wednesday, November 23, 2016


my neighbors are very loud and annoying.i can easily hear them when we are all inside our apartments. none of the walls are shared so I shouldn't hear anything.

a fat boy around 11 who never wears a shirt and leaves a trail of chips everywhere he goes.he asks his mother if he can go to his friends house .

mom: bitch where does he live?
fat kid: i don't know
mom: bitch you need to contact me.where does he live?
fat kid: i don't know
mom: bitch you need to have your ass back here in an hour or i'll come find your ass
fat kid: ok mom

i grew up in the projects,the worst part of town in the entire city. never have i seen people who act in such a horrible way.i never even had to call the police on a regular basis until I moved here.i don't understand the point of having children only to mistreat them and set them up for failure.

she goes on dates and leaves the kids alone all night. sometimes they ask if she has to go or begs her to stay.the kids leave the door unlocked for her.i'm sure they dream of the day they grow up and have their own one bedroom apartment with 7 people living in it

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