Monday, October 16, 2017


as usual i am minding my own business when I hear some mexican teenage boys yelling towards my window.


they are laughing and screaming,i guess trying to get my attention.i have never talked to these boys (i didn't even talk to teen boys when I was a teenager) so I have no idea why they want to bother me.adults pass and say nothing. they stand in front of a business yelling, harassing me. the man behind the counter does nothing.

my neighbor ,abuelo, comes out drunk as usual,asses the situation , and starts to really yell my name.i wonder if he does it because he thinks it is helping or because he is trying to be racist like the boys.i pay them all dust.

later on i politely ask abuelos family to stop disrespecting me(a different issue but it is all due to racism). abuelos son in law tells me i am acting like an angry black woman stereotype.son in law is 5'3, covered in prison tattoos (i have yet to see him in a shirt and very doubtful if he owns any), pregnant stomach, with 6 kids.they all live in a small 1 bedroom apartment and have multiple dogs that they let poop in the one has a job and the only money comes from abuelo & abuela digging through the garbage. but I am the stereotype?..............

one of the able bodied(yet non working and not trying to finish high school) sons said that I needed to show them more people are always told to turn the other cheek no matter what.before i had ever said a word to any of them they called me all sorts of n!gger whores but i'm supposed to be the bigger person always and let the disrespect and racism fall off my back .it pains them to see me doing something positive with my life.

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