Tuesday, December 26, 2017

i, tonya

i always had a soft spot for tonya harding. yeah she was violent & angry but i understood why.if she'd been prettier her life would have been much easier(despite being a poor redneck). people stood in her way because she wasnt small & helpless, tonya wasnt feminine, she was a real athlete, she wanted to win & she was going to win.i've been excited ever since i heard they were filming i,tonya , margot robbie is my favorite, & allison janney is amazing as usual.

tonya harding was so full of wasted talent & potential & now she is a joke.i dont find it funny.even if half of the abuse stuff in the movie wasnt true she never had a chance.

i, tonya is a good movie & i recommend it.the best part is the end where they show the real tonya skating & her real mother lavona.

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