Friday, December 22, 2017

call me by your name

i was way too excited when i first heard about this movie(anything involving my future husband armie hammer scantily clad & i am there hunty). they kind of lost me when they said they digitally removed his balls from some scenes where his shorts were too short(do you NOT want to make money because this is how you dont get azzes into the seats). anyhoo. despite that, i am watching Call Me by Your Name tonight.

the beginning is too slow & i dont care about the playing hard to get nonsense.everybody was going on & on about how timothee chalamet is the best new actor ever but i dont see it.i havent read the book "call me by your name" so i dont know if his character is supposed to be unattractive but that plus him looking 14 is a HUGE turn off.i get that armie is the sexy older man but this isnt the bbc so they could have cast a better looking teen actor #sorrynotsorry...........

its 9pm & i feel like this is going to take all night to finish.that is not a good sign for a 2 hour movie.

4 hours later & i've finally finished it :-(. it wasnt romantic or sexy or sad or interesting.i cannot recommend this movie at all.spoiler alert: its the same old same old "trapped in the closet so i'm going to marry a woman & ruin HER life & eventually our childrens childhoods" nonsense.

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