Monday, December 11, 2017


lord knows i cannot stand matt damon so its incredible that i accepted the invitation to see his new movie "downsizing".i went into it as ignorant as usual with no idea of the plot or actors involved. it was produced by alexander payne who directed one of my favorite movies "election".

the plot is basically in order to save money & live like millionaires, matt has to get a shrinking surgery. the first part of the movie is VERY depressing & kristen wiig is only in 5 minutes. was she edited out or was a small cameo the plan all along?who knows. anyway, do not go because you think its going to be her isnt.

the movie soley belongs to hong chau who is an AMAZINGLY talented actress capable of making you cry then making you laugh in a matter of seconds.of course the only reason why you do not know her name but have been force fed matt damon for decades is due to white supremacy but hopefully this movie will change that.gilfs christolph waltz & udo keir also have small roles. as much as i hate to admit it,this is a good movie(excluding damon) and i highly recommend it

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