Wednesday, November 15, 2017

magical maca root

maca root is like a fake estrogen and what trannies take when they cannot afford hormones. i've been taking 2 a day for less than a week & i've already seen a difference. my waistline looks smaller & my face looks fatter. i will measure again later. my period came 2 days after i started & even that was different.this should be very interesting.

months later:
i was going to write a really in depth review but since this blog isn't paying my rent {kanye shrug}.


i took 2.5 bottles and my waist was 2 inches bust/hips grew 5 inches.i did not eat any more than usual,in fact i was eating breasts went from a small c to over a dd(which is not what I wanted and really bummed me out).my shape was insane but I don't want to take maca for the rest of my life so I stopped.all the progress went away but the extra weight boobs continue to grow {insert crying emoji here}

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