Sunday, November 12, 2017

negro green book

back in the day there used to be a guide for jim crow era black people telling them what businesses they would be welcomed in. the laws were changed and the racism remained, hidden in plain sight. pretty amazing almost 100 years later and still having the same ignorant,racist problems with airbnb. i thought of making a modern day green book but it was too depressing.

anyhoo, pre integration there were plenty of black owned businesses.once we were made equal (lmfao) "the white mans ice was colder" and those businesses were abandoned. black women are now again starting small businesses in record numbers with very little help from banks or customers.

i'm not even going to go into the abuse i've had to deal with while running my own small business,the incessant begging for discounts and being called a stupid n!gger when I declined or how those rude insulting emails stopped once i switched my profile picture to a blonde white woman......

there is a new black owned business directory and white people are losing their minds. funny because if black people didn't want to work they would still be just as angry.the directory is called "black wall street" and I wonder if they did that on purpose.the original black wall street was destroyed by angry, jealous white people and (of course) never rebuilt.unfortunately I was reading the comments on a white website called ruined my night so I decided to pass it on :-).

"What kind of discrimination/racism am I seeing here? If it was a ‘white directory’ you would have described it as the worst thing in the world and you would have called to burn this idea and boycott every business that was on that list."

isn't every directory a white one ?

"The reality is it’s created to perpetuate racism and segregation based upon separation. Shameful."

lol. paying reparations for slavery and the racism/discrimination that is still happening now is shameful? weird considering the US government paid reparations to the japanese comfort women and jewish holocaust survivors.i'm not a history expert but i'm pretty sure we were not the ones running the concentration camps

"Ill download this app and make sure anytime i go to a black business they arent on the list or ill spit on their floor and leave :) :)"

typical white people behavior. not everything is about or even for you.if you disagree about supporting black businesses then don' need to be a caveman.i remember reading last year of a black woman running a restaurant and how people refused to go there after they found out (and no it wasn't a third world country it was in england)

"Self-segregation by any group is a step backwards for racial equality."

and yet whites and others do it ALL THE people are so forgiving and welcoming, notice all those "invited to the cookout" jokes yet every other race bends over backwards to exclude us

again i have to wonder,why would you not want black businesses to succeed?imagine the horror if there wasn't a permanent black underclass or {GASP!}the demise of white supremacy. god forbid  you might actually have to use talent or intelligence to get ahead instead of your skin color............. i am tired and this reverse racism nonsense is making my head hurt

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