Wednesday, August 29, 2018

gangs of new york

i havent watched gangs of new york since it came out.i remember being in the theater & blown away by daniel day lewis & confused why they cast the obviously too modern cameron diaz.i still have a collection of herbert asburys books hidden in a box somewhere,i highly recommend them if you like gossipy messy history.

that being said,the movie didnt hold up very felt like it was 6 hours long & it really shouldve been 2 separate movies.the "irish" accents were all over the place & cameron always seems so late 1990s to me. leonardo dicaprios weave irked me & was pretty distracting(plus i dgaf about his motivations, his accent was terrible, & his acting wasnt that good).its hard to outshine ddl so i didnt expect much from the rest of the cast.

history always repeats itself & this movie is a very good example of that. ddl & the "native americans" aka white people are upset because the immigrants are taking over.the unwashed masses start rioting because of the draft & instead of going after the rich who buy their way out of the war(there is one scene where Scorsese plays the 1% but i'm pretty sure the majority of those killed were poor), they take their flat funky asses over to the black orphans home to burn that down. their riot against the draft/immigration consists of them killing american born black people because you know how much power black people have over everything(& especially then when most were still slaves). sound familiar?

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