Saturday, October 13, 2018

Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven

i was WAY too excited when I heard there was a Showgirls 2, #1 being one of my favorite movies ever. even before clicking play i can see the budget for this movie had to have been $50 but i am ready. first 3 minutes & Penny says "i'm not a stripper i'm a dancer !" 3 times. this is painful.i was always confused why they cast glenn plummer in the 1st one & now even more confused that he's in the 2nd.for why? its like they were looking for the most unattractive non dancing "dancer" they could find.

i think my problem isnt that i wanted to watch this but that i watched it while feels like the script was written by someone who does not know english.with every new character i think "are they playing crackheads or are they crackheads in real life?". s2 is odd because when actors get a little power they usually make their dumb characters smarter in the sequel like "bill & ted's bogus journey" but rena riffel doubled down & made penny even dumber.i think john waters should have directed this, he is the only one who couldve made it entertaining.

showgirls 2 is 20 different plots & none of them make sense.its not campy & not funny(intentional or otherwise).halfway through & i just assumed the plot would be like the crow & penny would be some sort of avenging angel but that didnt happen. ok, now i officially hate myself.she did a lesbian recreation of that infamous pool sex scene.

the outfits are bad,the script is bad, & the acting is worse. i cant recommend this at all

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