Friday, October 5, 2018

the homeless problem

i was watching a 1950s documentary about a levittown type neighborhood that had 1 black family move in(its on youtube & i'm too lazy to google the link but very interesting if you find it,lol). anyhoo, ALL the white neighbors were PISSED! how dare black people ruin our community by living anywhere they want blahblahblah. the "best" part is when one of the white neighbors says something like "how will i know i am better if they can afford what we can?". this article reminded me of that.

there is absolutely no reason why any american should be homeless,we pay more than enough in taxes to take care of all our(legal) citizens & lord knows politicians/billionaires have enough money to help. but how will they know they are better if everyone is housed & fed? how will they know they are "superior" if they cant hold their nose while walking past a homeless person? so things will never change.

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