Saturday, September 22, 2018

the dinner date

so i meet this attractive,older millionaire & we decide to go to spago for our first date.i put on a cute & modest high neck $50 dress & make sure my hair/makeup looks nice.not over the top but definitely appropriate for the occasion.

during our date 4 people came up to compliment me on my beautiful dress,one woman saying that i looked like a vintage movie star.i can see my date is getting pissed. he complains that everyone is complimenting me but not him(he's wearing a t-shirt & jeans, nothing fancy).i tell him he should've warned me that HE wanted to be the pretty one."i can ugly myself up so you can shine, you just have to let me know in advance!". afterwards he gets upset because my boobs are "too big" & "stick out too much".never in my life have a heard a man complain about breasts being too big. how sway?

i tried to contact him later but he basically blew me off.oh well.i guess i'll be single until i die if this is the best men can do..........

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