Wednesday, January 9, 2019

the mistress of king midas

she is not much to look at but she is smarter than she looks.the first sucker believed her when she said she was on the pill until 9 months later.she moved on to the next when the baby daddy refused to pay more.she got engaged but unfortunately the fiance was black.she soon replaced him with a more acceptable white millionaire.

the mistress moved up in the world & was soon besties with the wife of king midas.of course, this was no accident. they would go on vacation together,the couples sometimes swapping beds & other times just sharing them. maybe mrs midas got sick of sharing or maybe she fell in love with her other side any case, she is now divorcing the king but i doubt he will marry the mistress.the only reason why you are hearing about it is because midas wanted to control the narrative before the newspapers are printed. the musical chairs could have gone on forever

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