Sunday, December 30, 2018

Somebody That I Used To Know

he was a beautiful boy when i knew him,full of fun, & never a care.i was attracted to him like a moth to a flame.his dad was a millionaire, they lived in a mansion,his after school job was being a professional model.i loved him as much as i could love back then but he is dead now.

after school, i'd wait in his corvette while he visited his parole officer.when he was 16 he asked me to marry him & said when he went off to college he'd hide me in his dorm room so his parents wouldnt find out. the modern day romeo & juliet. i ran away to hollywood instead & googled him every couple of years.he was in & out of prison.

i cant say that i am mourning, to be truthful its probably for the best.i'm guessing the cause of death was drugs,meth ruined his pretty face.i never said goodbye before leaving texas so i guess this is it

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